Morning Assembly

A day started well ends well, our students start their day in the sylvan surroundings of the school with morning assembly. Each day is a new learning experience for the students with short quiz, discussions, skits and myriad other activities allowing them to showcase their talents. This helps in developing the confidence and social awareness of the students. The feeling of patriotism and national integration is inculcated by celebrating national and religious festivals with great fervour.

Field Trip

An excursion engages, educates and enhances classroom teaching. Fests, farewells, exams, competitions, tours, picnics are all part of school life. Trips and visits to places of educational importance are among the exciting activities of school. Educational tours are organized to give an insight into the world of knowledge beyond classroom. The students learn to adapt to the real life situations and develop compatibility towards their peers. The lessons learnt during these trips remain imprinted in their minds forever.

Dance & Drama

Dance is a wonderful form of art. It brings out the soul in the self, and music helps to bring this art form to life. The need to integrate dance as a part of co-curricular activity in school inculcates in the students, the urge to retain the unique cultural identity in all its diversity and richness. The students are encouraged to explore the various dance forms thereby helping them to become creative and liberal thinkers who appreciate the variety of artistic traditions.

Drama enables children to see things from a new perspective. It provides fresh knowledge beyond a child’s imagination and, improves motivation, enthusiasm, teamwork and concentration.

It is closely linked to academics because involvement in dance and drama is associated with cognitive ability, critical thinking and verbal skills.

Work Experience

Students learn to co-relate with real life situations and have a collaborative approach towards the process of learning. Planning and adhering to timelines become an instinctive skill. Work education provides students with hands-on-experience, giving them an opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge into practical usage.

Art & Craft

Art and Craft is a great combination of creativity, unusual imagination, clarity of purpose, aesthetic insight, and a deep reverence for life. The students learn to combine these elements and create MAGIC.

Active Citizens

An educational institution should have an instinctive responsibility to mould its students into active citizens. With the same motive, in 2004, the school launched the civic club called “GREEN TEENS” in association with the CMCA. The club continues to strive to instill civic awareness in its students. Through its various activities like campaigns, rallies, field-trips, workshops and interviews associated with current issues, the club has earned the Best School Profile for the academic year 2012.


In a healthy body resides a healthy mind. It is, therefore, necessary that the students participate in sports and games. The school curriculum makes it mandatory for every student to participate in a minimum of two sports activities. The students imbibe the qualities of courage and determination, learn to abide by the rules and norms of the games and above all, they inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship, revel in their victory and celebrate the triumph of their opponents.